If you’d like to book an event for private or public use, please email us at corinne@riotheatre.ca

Our stage size is 40 feet wide and 20 feet deep with a newly renovated greenroom (private bathroom, built in heaters and internet) for performers.  The theatre has 420 seats, including a balcony section. There are few – if any – venues in the city with the intimacy and acoustics like the Rio. Concerts here are unforgettable. If you are renting the theatre for your movie premiere or film festival our recently installed HD digital projector is the same quality that all the major multiplexes use. Our concession stand is set up to be licensed for serving alcohol on special events.  Our friendly staff will make you feel like you are at home and we pride ourselves to help make your event a success.

Rates vary depending on dates and times. click to know more.

This is what the Rio provides when you rent

1. Cinema sound system is for films and recorded music only.
2. One manager/tech person (Rio equipment) plus one box office person
3. Concession/bar service
4. One security guard if needed


35mm projector & state of the art digital projector,  two microphones plus an upright piano and tables for merch.

NEWLY INSTALLED LIGHTING: 26 LED par cans; 6 lekos spotlights (fixed position); 1 follow spot.

*A  sound system is available from Rock Shop at extra cost.  Ranges from $200-$1,000 depending on what is required*

If you have an event, the Rio can hold it. Along with our stunning cinematic and concert presentation the Rio has hosted a variety of events: fashion shows, comedy shows, award galas, graduations, film shoots and weddings to name a few, but, the possibilities do not end there. Let us know what you need.

SCHOOL TOURS : Educational Field Trip

The Film + Perspective series is open to all age groups who wish to have an entire theatre to themselves, while experiencing an exclusive tour of the projection room.

At the Rio, we are thrilled to be operating our brand new, state of the art, 3D digital cinema projector.
Plus, we still use our well loved 35 mm film projector, which is over fifty years old.  35 mm film remains relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1892 by Thomas Edison.

The theatre was built in 1939 and the projection room was constructed like a concrete bunker for the highly explosive nitrate film used back in the 40s. History meets modern technology on this fun tour.

The Tour Includes:

1.       one screening of a film of your choice to be determined prior to the screening

2.       provide each child with a small popcorn and small fountain drink of their choice

3.       a brief educational guided tour of the projection room and history of film technology

4.       Equipment available for your use: one spot light, two microphones plus stands, two tables are also available.

In exchange for a fee of $8 per person or a $250 flat fee for groups under 42 people, (adult supervisors are free unless they have a popcorn and drink). Payment must be made on the day of the screening. An invoice will be provided when the number of children is confirmed. One week notice is required for any cancellations.