Life’s a Pitch: A Pitching Workshop with Gary Jones

Life’s a Pitch: A Pitching Workshop with Gary Jones

For anyone out there with a great idea that they think could be turned into a feature film, a short film, a web series, a documentary (the list goes on) but can’t seem to “pitch it” without people’s eyes glazing over, this workshop is for you!

March 27, March 28, and March 30
9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Three Day Course (18 hours of instruction) $400 HERE
*$350 for Previous Students. Class size is limited to 14 students.

When you tell someone that you’re working on a script and they ask you what it’s about, chances are you don’t tell them the theme (which is actually what it’s about). Instead, you tell them the plot (which is actually what happens on screen). That classic mistake is where the disconnect usually happens. Before you know it, you’re twenty minutes in and you just remembered that you forgot to
mention some crucial plot point that will now make sense of your entire garbled monologue. Too bad you lost the person you’re pitching to about 15 minutes ago. They just want you to stop talking.

Gary Jones is a Vancouver-based writer and actor who’s been successfully pitching ideas since the mid-90’s. He’s a Jessie Award-winning playwright and a Leo Award-winning actor who’s discovered the secret to a killer two-minute “elevator pitch.” Gary was asked back to Netflix in LA to pitch an idea and the first time that Gary and a collaborator pitched a sitcom idea to CBC in Toronto, it was
optioned. That same project is now in development with the CW. Gary’s method works and he’s going to share it with you in his workshop, LIFE’S A PITCH!

During his five years at Vancouver Film School, Gary listened to over 600 students pitch their ideas. Every idea was great, every pitch was not. All the students made the same mistakes and they’re probably the same mistakes that you’re making. If you don’t understand the mistakes you’re making, you’re never going to break out of that cycle of disinterest and rejection.

Says Gary: “In my three day workshop you’ll discover the difference between theme and plot, you’ll share with us your passion for this project that only you can bring and most importantly, you’ll learn how to get in and out in two minutes which is going to increase the chances of you hearing those magic words:
“Tell me more.”

You believe you have a great idea. I believe you have a great idea. Let me help you to pitch it so that everybody else believes you have a great idea.”

Testimonials from previous students:

“Re-ignited my excitement for my project. Thanks for your patience, clarity and real love for

“I felt fully supported and safe to explore my ideas and engage in the creative process.”

“Very motivating! Very comprehensive with lots of excellent information to move forward.”

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