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Kids Cultures Series: The Outlaw League

Kids Cultures Series: The Outlaw League

Kids Culture Film Series is proud to screen our first Canadian film!
 La Gang des Hors-la-loi (The Outlaw League)
Sunday March 6th 12:45pm
Rated PG coarse language
Ages 9+
in French w/English subtitles
Tickets $8 adults, $5 kids online  $9/$6 at the door
 Advanced tickets available by clicking HERE

Twelve-year-old Nicolas, the son and grandson of fishermen, lives alone with his mother and sister in a village overlooking the sea. A terrible storm snatched his father a few years earlier. Nicolas must not only deal with his loss, but also the slow disintegration of his grandfather, Jérémie, who has started drinking too much to ease the pain of the death of his son.

Summer vacation is the opportunity for Nicholas to resume his greatest pleasure: playing baseball with his friends. But a major obstacle greets the children who assemble at the village baseball field: the town council has decided to convert the field into a municipal dump.

With Nicolas as their leader, the village children resist the mayor’s manipulation with ferocity and, to their surprise, they receive the support of Jérémie and his old buddies.  Come see how they circumvent bureaucracy and bring their community together!
Won:  Best Picture, Junior Youth Jury, Reel 2 Real Film Festival For Youth
Won:  Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast, Children’s Film Festival Seattle
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Proceeds go to Queen Victoria Annex, Laura Secord, Nootka and Queen Alexandra Elementary.

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