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The Hangover

The Hangover

We’re swoooooning over Bradley Cooper lately, thanks to everything having to do with his phenomenal job as director and star in A STAR IS BORN, and felt the time was right to revisit the first time he got on our swooooony radar with a Friday Late Night Movie screening of his breakout performance in the high-larious comedy THE HANGOVER on April 12.

Two days before his wedding, Doug (Justin Bartha) and three friends (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis) drive to Las Vegas for a wild and memorable stag party. In fact, when the three groomsmen wake up the next morning, they can’t remember a thing; nor can they find Doug. With little time to spare, the three hazy pals try to re-trace their steps and find Doug so they can get him back to Los Angeles in time to walk down the aisle. Also starring Heather Graham, Ken Jeong, Jeffrey Tambor, Mike Epps, Mike Tyson.

“It turns out to be every bit as crass, offensive and incorrect as you’d expect, but it’s also – gulp! – really very funny an awful lot of the time, as well as bizarrely gripping.” (The Guardian)

“There is a sort of perverse brilliance or brilliant perverseness to be found in this story of a bachelor party gone terribly wrong.” (Los Angeles Times)

Friday, April 12
Doors 11:00 pm | Movie 11:30 pm *Start time subject to change.
Advance tickets $10.50 HERE | $12.50 at the door

*Minors permitted in the balcony. Must be 19+ w/ID for bar service and main floor seating.
**Rio Theatre Groupons and passes OK. Please redeem at the door.

THE HANGOVER (Todd Phillips, 2009 / 18A / 100 mins)  When three friends finally come to after a raucous night of bachelor-party revelry, they find a baby in the closet and a tiger in the bathroom. But they can’t seem to locate their best friend, Doug – who’s supposed to be tying the knot. Launching a frantic search for Doug, the trio perseveres through a nasty hangover to try to make it to the church on time.



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