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Share International Canada Presents: The Awakening

Join us at the Rio Theatre on Sunday, January 20 for a free screening of THE AWAKENING (a lecture with Benjamin Creme.)

Sunday, January 20
Doors 12:30 | Event 1:00 pm

This is a free event.

“If the information in this film is correct, we are about to witness the most profound changes in human history.

From the esoteric background of the Alice Bailey teachings, further informed and trained in telepathy by a Perfected Master, Benjamin Creme talks with the conviction and authority of direct experience.

He gives new, up-to-date information about the re-emergence into the world, now, of the Masters of the Wisdom, those Illumined men who for millennia have guided humanity’s evolution. 

His unique insight reveals to us a vast range of themes: from the esoteric to a new economic order, from UFO’s to meditation and healing.  A factual interpretation into the happenings of our time.”

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