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Rio Grind Film Festival 2021: Shorts!

Rio Grind Film Festival 2021: Shorts!

Join us at the Rio Theatre on Thursday, November 25 as we kick off the (almost) annual Rio Grind Film Festival with three (yes, you read that right!) programmed blocks of some of our favourite short film submissions from Vancouver and beyond.

Our jury will be selecting some of their favourite entries for prizes, and more!

Thursday, November 25
Advance tickets $15 HERE | $ 15 at the door

Doors 5:00 pm *Please arrive on time to ensure seating and time for concession.
Short Block 1 6:00 pm
Short Block 2 7:10 pm
Short Block 3 & Awards 8:20 pm

A list of shorts being screened will be published shortly. Stay tuned for info!

Advance tickets are recommended for all shows to ensure seating. Online sales for every screening automatically end 1 hour before any given showtime.

*Must be 19+ w/ID for entry.
*Rio Theatre Groupons and passes n/a for this event.

In accordance with the Province of British Columbia’s current PHO from the Ministry of Health, all eligible patrons must present their proof of vaccine status for entry. No exceptions.

Mistress of Bones Gigi Saul Guerrero

Two grave-robbers are set to unearth an ancient yet dangerous Aztec amulet from the dead. It is unexpected the true strength of evil this artifact contains and it is up to our hero, Mistress of Bones, to break the unleashed force that has awakened.

The Architect’s Dream Francesco Papetti

A dying architect makes a faustian deal with a corrupted businessman in order to preserve her artistic legacy. But when a sinister host makes his entrance into her house, she will have to face the burden of her own choices.

CC RIDER Mandy-Lyn Antoniou

Saddle up and ride to the psychedelic centre of the Cowgirl universe: CC RIDER is here – with a uninhibited trip into feminine sensuality that it will reshape your sexual consciousness forever!!!


Have you ever asked Siri for something, and she’s got it awfully wrong?  One eventful night, after helping him move, Nathan’s friends hang in the eerie basement of his new place. It gets silly when they begin asking stupid questions to Smart box, a virtual assistant. But what happens next will leave you gobsmacked. The tables turn and Smart box does all the asking. From death by suffocation to gouging your eyes out and confessing true love – whatever happens here is worse than awfully wrong.

Amelia Anna Chiyeko Shannon

All is well between Amelia and her talent agent until she’s asked to give up something that may not be worth losing, in exchange for the deciding role of her career. As she tries to get out of the predicament with her agent, it becomes clear that not everything is what it seems and a lot more is on the line than just this pivotal role.

The Child With No Name Chad Costen

11,000 BCE. A lonesome child left alone by her tribe discovers a mysterious wand that gives her the power and insight to create the friend she’s always dreamed about only to release a creature as old as time itself.

24 Roll John Heinekey

A nature lover goes on a camping trip with only herself and her camera. But after her roll of film is developed she finds a disturbing secret in the photos…

Yokomeshi Domenico Cutrupi

Nero, Sumi, Rainbow, Rakesh and Leonie are friends from different backgrounds who speak different languages. They communicate via Polyglob, a widely used instant translation device. When the Polyglob servers go offline, Sumi, a Japanese video gamer and Nero, an Italian pastry chef, struggle to communicate with each other and get their life and relationship back on track. Can their relationship survive beyond a common language?

The Last Christmas Ryan Port

A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare, when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong.

Dir: Ryan Port

Panicdote: The Story of Stricken Matthew Helmer

A brief glimpse into the troubled production of the notorious 1976 film “Stricken” and its even more mysterious director.

Anxiety Blaine Thurier

A man is haunted daily by his Anxiety, a living creature that accompanies him everywhere, sabotaging all personal interaction.

The Smell of Bleach Sarah Worden

After a particularly rough evening with her husband, the perfect 1950’s housewife is just trying to clean up the mess left behind–every mess.

The Last Laugh Jeff Holloway

A couple of cousins find an old tape labeled hitcher prank in Gramps’ car, when they try it out for themselves, things don’t go well.

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