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Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Russ Meyer‘s “turbo-charged” exploitative skin-flick and “ode to the violence in women” FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! is one of the all-time classic late night movie titles – a deliciously subversive mix of sex, action, and cheese – which makes it purrrrfect for a Friday Late Night Movie viewing at the Rio Theatre on Friday, January 20.

Three “belted, buckled and booted” curvaceous (this is a Russ Meyer movie, after all) yet sadistic go-go dancers, including the “woman in black” Varla (Tura Satana), her lesbian moll Rosie (Haji) and reluctant bimbo Billie (Lori Williams), break free from the nightclub where they perform and race out to the desert (in a super cool sports car) for a girls getaway weekend (with a side of mischief and mayhem). After karate expert Varla kills an innocent man, the voluptuous trio takes his girlfriend (Susan Bernard) hostage as they attempt to wheedle a hidden fortune from a misogynistic old man (Paul Trinka) and his muscle-bound, brain-damaged son (Dennis Busch).

“A cheap and efficient comic horror movie, it’s funniest when its dialogue and characters’ behaviour are at their most non sequitur.” (Time Out)

“This is the ultimate expression of the American cinema’s greatest fetishes: big breasts, fast cars, tight jeans, and sudden death. This is, in its own way, one of the great films of the 60’s.” (Empire Magazine)

Friday, January 20
Doors 11:30 pm | Movie 11:55 pm
Tickets $8 advance HERE or in costume | $10 at the door

*Minors OK in the balcony! (Please note this film is rated 18A.) Must be 19+ w/ID for bar service and main floor seating.
**Groupons and passes OK! Please redeem at the door.

FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! (Russ Meyer, 1965 / 83 mins / 18A) Three strippers seeking thrills encounter a young couple in the desert. After dispatching the boyfriend, they take the girl hostage and begin scheming on a crippled old man living with his two sons in the desert, reputedly hiding a tidy sum of cash. They become house guests of the old man and try and seduce the sons in an attempt to locate the money, not realizing that the old man has a few sinister intentions of his own.

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