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VIMFF: Dreamride: Mike Hopkins

VIMFF: Dreamride: Mike Hopkins

Travel to remote and other worldly landscapes with Mike Hopkins as he goes behind the scenes of his Dreamride series.

Saturday March 2nd
Doors: 6:30 pm  Show: 7:30 pm



*Note: No Rio Groupons or Rio Passes accepted at this event.

The Speakers:

Mike Hopkins
The award winning DreamRide trilogy by Mike Hopkins and Juicy Studios, has shown us what happens when you mix creativity with two wheels and toss them into the world’s wildest landscapes. Naturally there are fair few logistics that go hand in hand with these kind of productions, and we all know logistics open the door to the odd disaster, and dodging disaster usually makes for a pretty good story.

Derek Frankowski
Derek Frankowski has spent almost two decades behind a camera chasing good light and interesting subjects, from the Jungles of Madagascar to rink side at NHL games. Starting his career in action sports photography lead him to be Senior Photographer at Bike Magazine and eventually co-create the documentary Life Cycles (winner of the Grand Prize at VIMFF in 2011), and more recently working on Planet Earth II for the BBC.

The Films:

Dreamride 3
DreamRide 3 is the final chapter in a series that has taken audiences to some of the wildest environments on Earth.  Combining a Dr.Suess inspired narrative, mind blowing natural landscapes, and one dreamer on a mountain bike, this film will take you on an adventure like no other.
Director: Michael Hopkins

Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2018
Duration: 6 min

Perspectives: India
Everyone views the world differently. As an artist and professional mountain biker, Micayla Gatto finds inspiration in her surroundings, be it at home in British Columbia, Canada or somewhere as distant as India. The chaotic cities, the surreal mountains, the kind people; each provide a beautiful and unique experience. On her journey to ride in the Himalaya, the unfamiliar environment is amplified with every pedal-stroke, taking her further into the unknown, closer to connection and toward the realization that perspective is everything.
Director: Scott Secco

Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2018
Duration: 6 min

Shapeless Fulfillment
Inspired by a nomadic sense of exploration, Adventure Photographer and Polar Guide Ben Haggar attempts to be the first person to traverse the Arctic Circle Route in West Greenland by bike in the ‘summer’ months. But first, he has to get there. With the goal of slowing down to the pace of the Arctic, Ben works as a Polar Bear guide and Zodiac driver on a small ship exploring Canada’s fabled North-West Passage en-route to Greenland. Beginning at the Greenland Icecap and finishing in the coastal town of Sisimiut, Ben finds himself battling through rough terrain, loneliness, trench foot, and extreme weather. But, finds solace in the simple act of moving across the barren tundra as well as a few kilometres of beautiful singletrack
Director: Ben Haggar & Mike Gamble

Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2019
Duration: 18 min

RJ Ripper
Kids and bikes; wherever you are in the world, they go together. The chaotic streets of Kathmandu may not seem like a typical breeding ground for world-class mountain bikers, but then again nothing is typical about Rajesh (RJ) Magar. Since learning to ride on a beat-up clunker, to becoming the four-time National Champion at age 21, RJ’s story is one of boundless childhood dreaming and unstoppable determination, forged from junkyard scraps and tested on the rugged trails of the mighty Himalaya.
Director: Joey Schusler

Origin: USA/Nepal
Year of Production: 2018
Duration: 20 min

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