Anything Boys Can Do – Directed By Bonnie McFarlane – New York, USA

It’s a typical day for Jen: horrible green smoothie, tough as nails workout, rejection, traffic, loneliness. A vegan (mostly) and proud member of the #resistance (although she forgot to vote), Jen is about all about self improvement. Now she just has to conquer her OCD, love addiction and daddy issues.When the guy she falls for goes out to pick up food and doesn’t come back, she’s furious. It’s death by a thousand cuts and she’s not going to stand for it anymore. What happens next thrusts Jen into the spotlight as a feminist hero, but is she?

Petage (Breakdown) – Directed By Greg Tudéla – Paris, France

Michel is desperate. He’s just been fired. He decides to rob the bar he goes to every day. But nothing is going to happen as planned.

Cancel The F—ing Internet – Directed By Ryan Kayet – Ontario, Canada

A frustrated husband desperately tries to cancel his internet service without his wife discovering his questionable search history.

Climax – Directed By Chloe Gebacz – California, USA

When her roommate and his new hookup begin having crazy loud sex just one room over, Jen loses footing in the one thing that keeps her going in this world: masturbating. Forced into sexual frustration, Jen begins to lose her sanity and will try almost anything to get the off she desperately needs.

Curious Georgina – Directed By Feraz Ozel – California, USA

Inspired by her Korean family pressure to find a husband, Georgina decides to explore her life-long curiosity in women. But she’s bad at picking up ladies. Like, scary bad. (Based on true events)

Drip – Directed By Fiyin McCrary – Georgia, USA

Tiny, the small, nervous rain drop, races against the larger rain drop named Big Boi. Unable to handle his opponent alone, he gets a little help from his friends and is able to give the race his all.

Lottery – Directed By Timothy Moore & Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll – Ontario, Canada

Being a millionaire takes hard work and a bit of luck.

Ron Swan – Directed By Rory Fallis – Manitoba, Canada

A news team encounters a ridiculously rhyming report when a DVD-ROM and Vince Vaughan become embroiled in a White House scandal.

SwiPed – Directed By David Chai – California, USA

Texters texting, tweeters tweeting, likers liking, posters posting, Googlers Googling, Amazonians Amazoning, webheads surfing, snappers chatting, pinnters pinning, tubers tubing, tenders tindering, Netflixers chilling… are we binging too much? More connected than ever, but more distant by the day. Is humanity being swiped away?

The Call – Directed By Eric Toth – Ontario, Canada

A desperate man tries to make an important video call but is failed by technology.

Painting with Joan – Directed By Jack Henry Robbins – California, USA

Are you curious about Minnesota’s #3 public-access painting show? Watch Joan paint beautiful snowy mountains and debate extraterrestrial sexuality with herself!

12 Sips to Glory – Directed By Matt Hirst – Texas, USA

When Trey Williams claimed he could blindly distinguish any Orange Soda from another, his friends decided to surprise him with a challenge that would put his claim, and passion, to the test.