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Rio Theatre Town Hall – Investor Info Session

Rio Theatre Town Hall – Investor Info Session


It’s not too late to be involved in this exciting investment opportunity.
Learn more, and get involved.

With our exciting new launch of our Equity Investing on FrontFundr, many of you have questions. This type of micro-investing is new to most folks and many are not familiar with investing in real estate deals, especially something as unique as the Rio Theatre, plus there is a lot of information to take in!

So we’re planning an open house Town Hall meeting with owner Corinne Lea, her business partner Jonathan Kerridge, and Rio Theatre Properties Ltd. lawyer Brent Lokash, who will be in attendance to answer any questions you may have.

No question is too small or too trivial! We have already done several of these sessions with our first group of investors, and we found this was very beneficial to help everyone feel more informed.

In fact someone might have a question you never thought of and vice versa! If you’re thinking seriously of investing in the Rio Theatre property and want to find out more about it come on down! Share this event with your friends! Everyone is welcome.

Sunday, August 26 at 12:00 pm (noon)
At The Rio Theatre – All are welcome!

If you haven’t already heard the news here’s the latest update on our campaign and more details about this final phase…

Back in January 2018, the Rio Theatre property listing went viral and we had to act fast to keep it from being sold to developers who want to tear it down!

On February 7th we made an offer to buy the Rio Theatre, since then we have worked very hard over the last five months, to make this property purchase become a reality and we’re almost there!

We now have an accepted Offer to Purchase the property and our final completion date is August 31, 2018. Through our record breaking Indiegogo Crowd funding campaign, we raised over $500,000 in donations. Our high-profile campaign also attracted the attention of celebrities like Kevin Smith and Ryan Reynolds who generously offered their support to help save the Rio!

Recently we made the exciting announcement, that Vancity has approved a 4 million dollar mortgage to help us purchase of the Rio Theatre. Plus we already have an exciting team of investors committed and on board!

We’re currently looking for our last round of Investors to help us complete the purchase and keep our mortgage as low as possible in order to ensure a healthy and sustainable business.

How are we going to do this?

With an equity crowd funding campaign through a Vancouver-based company called FrontFundr, an equity crowdfunding platform that allows seasoned investors and the wider public to come together to directly drive innovation and entrepreneurship. With FrontFundr, both experienced and regular investors are able to exercise positive influence on businesses they would like to see succeed.

Investing in the Rio Theatre property will not only help save the Rio, but it is also a solid Vancouver real-estate investment.

This is an exciting and rare opportunity where you can invest in something that matters to you, and directly affects your cultural, artistic and social life.

Buying a piece of the Rio Theatre property, will give the community an opportunity to invest in their own historical cultural resource, so they can ensure it will have a long sustainable future.

Otherwise known as, Impact Investing which has become increasingly popular with growing interest in the – “Buy Local” movement. Instead of making investments in large corporations where you have no personal connection, this allows people to invest in their own communities and see their money make a difference!

Impact Investments are investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Shares in the Rio Theatre property are priced at $1,000 sold in min 25 blocks to Accredited Investors: And $1,000 min purchase for non accredited investors, under the crowdfunding exemption through FrontFundr.

That means for a minimum of $1,000 you can become an equity shareholder and own a piece of a cultural icon.

Click HERE to find out more about investing in the Rio Theatre!

Accredited investors can also contact Corinne Lea directly if they prefer not to go through FrontFundr.

Thank you!


Corinne Lea, CEO Rio Theatre

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