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JFL Northwest Presents: Always Amazing

JFL Northwest Presents: Always Amazing

Vancouver Just For Laughs Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival present:

Always Amazing
Saturday, March 10, 2018

Doors 9:00PM | Show 9:30PM


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Always Amazing is a film that documents the rise of talented magician/comedian The Amazing Johnathan, the unlikely fraternal friendship that Johnathan develops after meeting an awestruck 12 year old boy while on tour and the unfortunate terminal diagnosis that brought these two back together for one last run of shows.

Stand up comedian Steve Byrne has been privy, as a friend, to the adventures and misadventures of Joel Ozborn and The Amazing Johnathan for years. When he learned that Johnathan was coming out of retirement for one last run of shows and reuniting with Joel, Steve thought no one knows this story better than himself and decided to document not only their reunion but the backstory of their unorthodox friendship.

The film begins with Johnathan’s career ascent, from bombing at his high school talent show, discovering and honing his act as a magician and comic while working as a street performer in San Francisco and the one showcase that launched his career at the famed Hollywood Improv.

While on tour in Australia, Johnathan meets Joel Ozborn, a young boy who is starstruck at the performer from the states. An improbable bond is fortified over the years, as Joel becomes an employee, apprentice, alibi, confidant and brother/son/friend to Johnathan. Once Johnathan establishes a residency in Las Vegas as headliner, the trappings of Sin City become overwhelming, leaving a divorce in the wake and will ultimately test the strength of their friendship. The eventual parting amongst the two become inevitable, as Johnathan comes out of the fog stronger and richer than before. Joel, matures into a world wise man and the comedian he’s aspired to be since he first saw Johnathan all those years ago in Australia.

As life goes on, Johnathan is told by doctors he has a year to live due to his terminal diagnosis of cardiomyopathy. In the time that follows, Johnathan is living life knowing he’s on borrowed time but after outliving expectations by 3 years, Johnathan decides he’s going to hit the road, one last time to see if he’s still got it.

Johnathan puts forth, if he’s going to do it, he’s going to have Joel along for the ride. This decision forces these two emotionally introverted men to look back on their friendship and confront the ups and downs of their experiences together.

Always Amazing is ultimately the story of two comedians, who on paper shouldn’t be friends or even acquaintances and the rough waters, smooth sailing, they’ve navigated over the years and the nostalgia of hitting the road one last time together to realize they remain as close as ever.

Following the screening, hear from Steve Byrne, Joel Ozborn and The Amazing Johnathan in a Q&A discussion about the film!

Starring: Johnathan Szeles, Joel Ozborn, David Copperfield, Penn Gillette, Penny Wiggins, Jaimz Romero, Erica Vanlee and Anastasia Synn.
Directed By: Steve Byrne
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Run Time: 78 Minutes
Language: English

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