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Live Script Reading & Screening of THE ROOM with Greg Sestero!

Live Script Reading & Screening of THE ROOM with Greg Sestero!

On May 27th, Rio Theatre is tackling something weirdly special for the 13 year anniversary of THE ROOM! A full-length live script reading of actor/director/producer/screenwriter Tommy Wiseau’s very first draft of THE ROOM, with dialogue and plot events that’re very different from the polished version that wound up on-screen. Greg Sestero will be here in person to play Mark live! But all the other roles will be played by local performers from Vancouver picked right out of the crowd! Greg’ll also talk about the making of THE ROOM, his book The Disaster Artist… soon to be a feature film starring Hollywood superstars James Franco, Seth Rogen, Sharon Stone, Zac Efron, Bryan Cranston and more! This will be followed by a screening of The Room!

Friday May 27th
Doors at 6:00pm

Live Scrpit Reading 7:00pm

THE ROOM screening 9:45pm


Ticket options as follows:

-LIVE Script Reading with Greg Sestero $15 advance/ $18 at the door

-Script reading + THE ROOM screening $20 advance/ $23 at the door

-The Room Screening (no script reading) $12 advance/ $15 at the door

+19 with 2 pieces of ID for entry. 

Online tickets available by clicking  HERE

Groupons and passes not accepted for this event, sorry

“This play can be played without any age restriction. It will work if the chemistry between all the characters makes sense. Human behavior and betrayal applies to all of us. It exists within ourselves. You love somebody. Do you? What is love?”

So begins Tommy Wiseau’s first draft of what eventually became his landmark 2001 film THE ROOM. Co-star, line producer and former Wiseau roommate Greg Sestero is coming to the Vancouver to present a live reading of this first edition of Tommy’s screenplay, which features settings, dialogue and plot devices that never made it on screen! If you’re a long-time Wiseau fan, this will be a rare glimpse into the original vision of one of the most iconic cinematic figures of the twenty-first century.

The live reading will feature a mix of local talent filling the roles as well as audience members selected that night! Greg will also read from his memoir The Disaster Artist, currently being adapted into a feature-length film by James Franco, and the pre-show for the event will be Greg’s thirty minute making of documentary, utilizing behind the scenes footage never released publicly!

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