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Crazy8s 18 Year Anniversary Screening

Crazy8s 18 Year Anniversary Screening

A Fundraiser in support of #Crazy8sFilms17

January 26th at the RIO Theatre

Featuring a selection of classic Crazy8s films along with more recent ones!

Rub elbows with Crazy8s alumni, our community of friends and sponsors,
and this year’s winners (and perhaps talk to them about crewing up and
casting), and of course watch some of the best films made over
Crazy8s’ 18 Year history!

When: Thursday, January 26th

Doors/Meet & Mingle 7:00pm

Screening 8:00pm followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

We will also introduce the 2017 Crazy8s filmmakers.
How: Tickets $8 in advance HERE/ or $10 at the door.

Who: Hosted by David C. Jones

+19 only, no groupons or passess accepted for this special event!

Another way to get tickets? Donate $15 or more to our Indiegogo
#Crazy8sFilms17 Campaign launching Jan 10 and get 2 tix!

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More about Crazy8s

Crazy8s is an 8 day filmmaking challenge that provides funding and
support to emerging filmmakers to help them produce a short film.

Crazy8s, founded by the DGCBC in 1999, is now run by the Crazy8s Film
Society, a not-for-profit society.  It was created to foster support
for emerging filmmakers who have little or no access to funding for
short films.

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Many thanks to the RIO Theatre for sponsoring the Jan 26 screening.

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A FAMILY OF GHOSTS (#Crazy8sFilms16)
by Shannon Kohli
Born in the 1890s to an affluent family, Abigail grows up surrounded by the care and concern of her four devoted grandparents. In her twenties she falls in love with Thomas, a poor piano tutor her overprotective grandparents decide is not good enough for their darling Abigail. They may be ghosts only Abigail can see, but these ancient apparitions can still do some serious damage to her romantic prospects.

MY FATHER’S AN ACTOR (#Crazy8sFilms04)
by Sara McIntyre
Leanne is 14 and preparing a school presentation about WWII. Her dad, an actor, wants to help because he knows all about WWII from his work on the TV movie ‘Brothers of Glory’. My Father’s an Actor is a 10-minute comedy about parent vs. child, creative vs. conventional, and actor vs. reality.

THE VESSEL (#Crazy8sFilms12)
by Marshall Axani
A morally corrupt operative uses a mysterious device to manipulate the people standing between him and his main objective.

CAT VS. MAN (#Crazy8sFilms10)
by Zia Marashi
When Rory moves in with his girlfriend, he finds himself competing for her affections against her cat, Waffles. Neither Rory or Waffles will give up without a fight.



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