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Director: Jakob Lass

VIFF: Tiger Girl

VIFF: Tiger Girl

The Rio Theatre is proud to be one of the hosting venues for
The 36th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival
The festival runs Sept. 28 – Oct. 13, 2017
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Doors open half hour before doors

ALT | Altered States

Condemned to playing rent-a-cop after flunking out of the police academy, meek Maggie (Maria Dragus) finds a brash mentor in the baseball bat-wielding, perpetually snarling Tiger (Ella Rumpf). Suggesting to her reserved protégé that “politeness is a form of violence against yourself,” Tiger—who almost seems to manifest out of thin air like a mythical figure—helps Maggie channel her inner “Vanilla the Killer.” Soon, this rampaging pair have turned Berlin into their personal playground as they run amok at art-scene functions, indulge in malevolent mischief and take to treating men like their chew toys. But could it be that Tiger, practically a Teutonic Tyler Durden, has awoken something in Maggie that should’ve been left dormant?

Approaching his film as if it were an aggression-fuelled punk song, Jakob Lass employs kinetic camerawork, dynamic choreography and swaggering improvisation from his complementary leads to amplify his film’s anarchic appeal. “Lass leaves the audience (and his characters) little room to breath, keeping the adrenaline pumping… [The film is] an anthem to the marginalized youth of Europe, who are given little hope for a reasonable life, and women who need to kick ass if they are going to survive.”—Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Screen Anarchy