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Actor: Nigel O'Neill

VIFF: Bad Day for the Cut

VIFF: Bad Day for the Cut

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ALT | Altered States

When thugs inexplicably trespass on his sleepy farm, brutally murder his elderly mother and very nearly claim his life as well (tripped up only by their attempts to make it look like a suicide), Donal (Nigel O’Neill) sets out to track down the puppet masters behind the home invasion and ensure that they reap what they’ve sown. Sad-eyed and unassuming, Donal seems the unlikeliest of candidates for a Straw Dogs-like unleashing of primal instincts. Consequently, it’s hardly surprising that his quarry routinely underestimates “the farmer” at their own peril. Likewise, he’s lived far too sheltered a life to consider the revelations that his rampage may unearth. It seems that no matter how many bodies you pile atop it, the past just won’t stay buried.

A bloody, brilliant revenge thriller in the vein of Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin, Chris Baugh’s fatalist debut practically kicks down the door as it announces the arrival of a ferocious new voice in high-calibre filmmaking.

“An unusually soulful genre outing with an endearingly rumpled Nigel O’Neill as an ordinary man turned gun-totin’ vigilante. It is the naivety of O’Neill’s Donal and his blustering determination to do the right thing that makes him such an engaging character… There is a sardonic humour and a lugubriousness to the film that seems entirely in keeping with the good-hearted Donal…”—Allan Hunter, Screen