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Actor: Jason Williamson

VIFF: Bunch of Kunst

VIFF: Bunch of Kunst

The Rio Theatre is proud to be one of the hosting venues for
The 36th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival
The festival runs Sept. 28 – Oct. 13, 2017
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Please note All Pre-Festival tickets are available at The Vancity Theatre
No Groupons or Rio passes are accepted for VIFF screenings
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Box Office Helpline: 604.683.3456

Doors open half hour before doors

M/A/D | Music/Art/Design

Musical duo Sleaford Mods get their due in this lewd, lovable doc. Called “the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band” by no less a personage than Iggy Pop, the band consists of two “middle-aged wankers.” Andrew Fearn provides the instrumentals via laptop, while Jason Williamson spits lyrics about the lousy state of today’s Britain. Proletarian anger is part of a longstanding British tradition, but no one’s ever expressed it like these two lads. The duo is less brutal and more witty than a lot of UK punk bands, but they share the anger and disillusionment that made that style of music resonate so strongly when it first emerged.

Director Christine Franz evidently loves these guys, and she makes sure we do too. She shows a knack for capturing the humour of their discourse—onstage and off—as well as the bleakness of the milieu that’s defined them. Manager Steve Underwood makes for a compelling screen presence, as do the band members’ families. For fans of the duo, this film will be a treasure, but neophytes and nonbelievers will have a blast as well.

“Rips Austerity Britain a fresh one… An excellent documentary portrait of the band who are the voice of zero-hours Britain.”—Peter Bradshaw, Guardian