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Actor: Chris Penn

The Gentlemen Hecklers Present: Footloose (1984)

The Gentlemen Hecklers Present: Footloose (1984)

“You won’t get any dancing here, it’s illegal.”

The Gentlemen Hecklers return to the Rio Theatre on Wednesday, April 12 to cut loose (and kick off their Sunday shoes) when they present the ultimate game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – the 1980s pop-culture classic FOOTLOOSE. In this iconic 80s romantic drama, Bacon stars as a kid from the big city who finds himself in a small, kinda backward hick town that has outlawed… dancing. Making matters worse, the girl he’s falling for (Lori Singer, the one with the red cowboy boots) is the daughter of the local preacher (John Lithgow) who kinda hates him, because… dancing. There’s some fight scenes, country kids playing chicken on tractors, not one but two Oscar-nominated songs (Kenny Loggins‘Footloose’ and Deniece Williams’ ‘Let’s Hear it For the Boy’), Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Penn, Dianne Weist, and yet more… dancing.

Let The Gentlemen Hecklers provide you with their unique brand of live, hilarious commentary – for the best cheesy movies! Eric Fell, Patrick Maliha, and Shaun Stewart are Vancouver’s masters of movie riffing, making so-bad-they’re-good movies even better by talking you through them.

Tuesday, April 12
Doors 9:00 pm | Movie 9:30 pm

Advance tickets $10 HERE | $12 at the door

*Must be 18+ w/ ID for entry. Must be 19+ w/ID for bar service and main floor seating.
**Sorry, Groupons and passes not accepted for this event.

FOOTLOOSE (Herbert Ross, 1984 / 107 mins / PG 14) Classic tale of teen rebellion and repression features a delightful combination of dance choreography and realistic and touching performances. When teenager Ren and his family move from big-city Chicago to a small town in the West, he’s in for a real case of culture shock.

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